Tackle Those Forehead Lines W/Out Botox!!


Forehead lines are the worst. They draw attention to our forehead and hairline instead of our beautiful eyes and lips.

Luckily, forehead lines are usually caused by our habits, not by aging: which means, these lines can be erased naturally!! 

Of course, you can achieve the same results with botox, but I’m here to save you thousands of dollars on the cosmetic procedure.

Let’s begin!


^Forehead Goals

How To Smooth Out Forehead Lines

1. Stop Raising Those Eyebrows!

The biggest culprit to forehead lines are your eyebrows…specifically, your eyebrow’s movements.

If you have any forehead lines, it’s because you are constantly raising your eyebrows and holding them in that position. Overtime, your skin starts to etch those lines into your forehead and keep it for a long time.

See this example here:


She is raising her eyebrows, and I can count at least 9 separate forehead lines.

When you make this expression repeatedly and regularly, your skin starts to fold in that same manner.

It leaves the lines behind.

Train yourself to lower your eyebrows. It doesn’t take long to get into the habit, and the benefits are marvelous.

This is basically “natural” botox since botox works in the exact same way: it’s freezes your muscles and prevents you from making wrinkle-creating facial expressions.

2. Use a Chemical Exfoliant 


Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin. When we’re young, our skin naturally exfoliates itself and pushes away dead cells. As we age, that process slows down and we turn to exfoliates to help us.

When we get rid of dead skin cells, it makes room for new, and healthy cell growth. These new cells don’t have the “memory” of the wrinkles and will form without any lines or creases.

Regularly exfoliating is one of the best methods to prevent and erase forehead lines.

Which exfoliate is best?

Well, there are TWO types of exfoliants: physical exfoliators and chemical exfoliators.

Physical Exfoliators are made out of small particles like sugar, soybeans, and ground-up plants. These products physically buff away dead skin and you usually apply them in a small, circular pattern.

Chemical Exfoliators use an acid to remove a layer of dead skin. Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Salicylic acid are commonly used.

As we age, we want to minimize any skin tugging. Physical exfoliators requires you to push the product into your face and pull the skin around. 

Chemical Exfoliators are superior and preferred for aging skin.

3. Use Forehead Masks

Forehead masks are a great way to add moisture into your skin and smooth out lines & wrinkles.

These masks use powerful and concentrated vitamin-rich serums to keep your skin young.

Use at least once a week for the BEST results. Like anything in skincare, you have to make it a habit.

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