How To Get Rid of Neck Lines…Without Surgery!!


The neck is one of the most beautiful features on a woman. It’s seductive without being too sexy and enticing in a way that’s hard to explain.


Unfortunately, the neck is prone to wrinkles and lines because the skin in that area is so thin.

Most of the time, these lines appear before we start to age! You can see them on most 20-year-olds and even teenagers.

The good news is that Neck Lines are easy to smooth out. Unlike deep wrinkles in the face, Neck Lines need just a few weeks of patience and love, and they’re be gone in no time!

Follow these tips diligently for at least 3 weeks and you’ll start to see a difference:

1. Keep Your Phone and Your Face UP!!

As I said above, most Neck Lines are NOT caused by aging. One of the biggest culprits to these lines is looking down at our phones and laptops. When we look down, we are forcing these lines to form and practically engraving them into our skin.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


You get the idea. Not only is this bad for your skin, this is also bad for your posture and can cause future damage to your neck!!

To fix this problem, simply lift your phone up a little higher to put less pressure on your neck.

If you have the same problem with your laptop, consider getting a standing desk. You’ll get the added bonus of better posture and a stronger core.




2. Your Face Routine Is Now Your Neck Routine

Everything you do to your face needs to happen on your neck.

Do you Cleanse your face? It’s time to cleanse your neck.

Do you Moisturize? Do the same to your neck.

Do you Exfoliate? Great! Do that to your neck.

Serums? Yup, that too.




Whatever you do on your face, do it on your neck. Your neck NEEDS the love and attention. Your neck needs to be washed, moisturized, sprayed, etc. If you pay attention to that area of skin, you will notice a line-free, beautiful neck in no time.


3. Use Natural, Anti-Wrinkle Neck Masks

When you need to blast those Neck Lines out of existence, use an overnight (daily) neck mask.

These masks stick directly onto the neck and deliver powerful vitamins, extracts, and collagen to smooth out those lines. These masks are going to be more effective than your moisturizers since they’re specially made to target neck wrinkles.

Here are two highly rated, very effective, and cheap Neck Masks:

Neck Lifting Hydrating Firming Intense Treatment Bio – Cellulose Mask LipoFix (5 Masks)

Necklift Anti-Wrinkle Patch | 2019 New Formula | Overnight Smoothing |


Follow those three tips and watch your neck transform! 

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