How To Get Rid of Frown Lines Without Botox


Frown Lines are the wrinkles right between the eyes. They usually start forming in your early 30s and deepen over time.

Here is a woman with BEAUTIFUL eyes and absolutely no wrinkles between her eyebrows. #goals.


Of course, there are many women and men that opt for a cosmetic procedure to remove these lines: Botox.

If that’s your cup of tea, go for it. If you want to try a few natural, and very cheap treatments first, read on!!

What Causes Frown Lines?

The first culprit of frown lines is easy to guess…it’s frowning. Frowning is when you push your eyebrows together and FORCE a crease to occur. If you’ve ever seen a young man or woman with frown lines, it’s because they are making this expression constantly.

Exhibit A:


The second cause of frown lines is excessive drinking of alcohol.

Alcohol dehydrates you, which means it’s easier for the skin to fold onto itself and hold those wrinkles. When you drink less alcohol, or drink more water, your skin starts to smooth out these lines naturally.


The third major cause of frown lines is unprotected exposure to the sun. As you know, the sun is very damaging to the skin. However, when we’re exposed to the sun without sunglasses, we crinkle and wrinkles our eyebrows together as a way to protect our eyes.

This causes frown lines to form.

How Do We Get Rid of Frown Lines?

1. Use a Jade Roller and Anti-Wrinkle Patches

A jade roller is an awesome tool to smooth out any wrinkles or sagging on the skin. This tool is particularly effective when it comes to Frown Lines.

Grab your favorite skin oil, dab it directly onto the skin in between your eyebrows, and roll those lines away! Make the jade roller a part of your daily routine to see the best results. (My favorite time to use it is right before bed!)

Anti-Wrinkle Patches offer a similar treatment to the jade roller, but it comes with the added benefit of vitamin-rich serums.

Simply cleanse your face as usual and attach these patches directly onto your skin. Leave them on for 15 minutes to give your face ample time to absorb the serum.

Here is a fantastic set that comes with under eye patches: 24K Gold Collagen Under Eye and Forehead Patches by Matykos

2. Prevent Wrinkles with Large Sunglasses

Unprotected exposure to the sun causes wrinkles and frown lines!! Make sure to protect your beautiful face with large sunglasses. Wear them every time you step outside into the world.


Large sunglasses stop you from wrinkling your eyes together. These are so so so important! Protect your face and get large sunglasses!

My favorite way to remember this trick is to buy a bunch of super cheap sunglasses and put them everywhere (in my car, in my purse, on my table, etc). Make sure your glasses are always in reach.

3. Cut Out Excessive Salt & Stay Hydrated

The last tip for preventing frown lines is an internal remedy. Cut out excessive salt from your diet and remember to stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated is the best way to prevent ANY kind of wrinkles and lines from forming on your face. (This tip isn’t just for frown lines, but it will definitely help with that.)

When you drink enough water to stay hydrated, your skin looks and feels more plump, smooth, and supple.

To remember this tip, buy a reusable water bottle and make a daily goal for water consumption. Don’t try to drink water constantly as that’s an unreasonable goal, but you can always strive to do better than your current habit.

If you drink about a cup of water daily, make it your goal to drink two cups of water and build from there!

Once you reach a steady state of hydration, you will notice a great change in your skin.


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