Winter-Proof Your Skin: Four Tips for Fabulous Winter Skin


The holidays are upon us, which also means that winter is here –  if you live in the northern hemisphere that is. And if you are anything like me, that also means itchy and dry skin. The lack of humidity in the air wreaks havoc on my skin. Hands are dry and prone to paper cuts, chapped lips, and my face, well other than the red nose, it is pretty lackluster if you ask me. The glow I so love and desire had faded along with the summer months.

With the cold comes a bit more pampering to keep our skin in top-notch condition for the holidays and for the entire season because, well, it’s a long one. Here are four top tips to keep your skin beautiful and dewy during the winter months. Cheers!


  1. The humidifier is your winter companion:  If you like to keep your house nice and toasty with the heater, the air is probably really dry. If so, pull out your humidifier. The humidifier isn’t just for when you are sick. It is a great way to keep moisture in your home which is super beneficial for your skin. We all know that drinking enough water in the summer months is a necessity; but in the same way, water is just as important in the winter months due to the lack of moisture and constant blast of hot air.

  1. Moisturize with a jar not a pump: Any moisturizer that comes in a pump bottle has a thinner consistency so that it can easily be pumped out of the bottle. In the winter months, your skin desperately needs the added moisture so a thicker moisturizer, typically sold in a jar is ideal. My absolute favorite is from First Aid Beauty because God knows my skin needs first aid in the winter months. However, thicker is not always better. It truly really depends on your skin type, so make sure you buy the right cream for your skin type before anything else. 

  1. Oil it up:  A good oil is major for the skin. Especially to create that dewy effect we all love so dearly. But are you applying it correctly? Contrary to popular belief, oils do not hydrate the skin, they lock in moisture. Yes, you heard that right, who else here has applied oil before the moisturizer, yours truly had done it for years. By first applying oil you are doing yourself a disservice by blocking the pores from soaking in the benefits of moisturizers and other skin care products. Not only does the oil seal in moisture but think of the oil as a barrier between your skin and the environment.  

  1. Don’t head outside with damp skin: Consider taking showers before bed. Why? Because if you typically shower before leaving the house, your skin is most likely still damp and when that damp skin meets the arctic blast and forced hot air, it will chap, much like your lips when they are dry. By showering before bed you can heavily moisturize your skin and can assure that your skin will be dry when you do leave the house. You can easily cover your body and your hands, but your face does not receive that much protection from the harsh weather so take this as a precaution.