7 Ways to Reduce Dark Under-Eye Circles

By: Lorrayne Sousa

We’ve already done a deep dive into puffy eyes and how to get rid of them. Well today, we will talk about its just-as-annoying cousin, the dreaded dark circles.

Dark circles are maybe a tad bit more manageable than are the eye bags because they can be easily covered up with foundation and concealer. However, if you are anything like me and like to use as little makeup as possible, you may feel just as uncomfortable covering them up as you do letting them au-natural.

Many of the tips you find online or even in my last post regarding puffy eyes are applicable to dark circles. In fact, many times the dark circles are shadows from the puffy eyes (#mindblown). Go figure, so by successfully combating puffy eyes, you most likely have gotten rid of your dark circles as well,  but if they are as stubborn as ever and you still need some help with them – I’ve got you covered. I’ve rounded up seven different tips that you may or may not have known in combating dark circles.

1. Stop rubbing your eyes: It’s as simple as that. When you are struggling to wake up, resist the urge to rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes can help darken the pigmentation in that very sensitive area. In addition, when applying anything under your eyes, use your ring finger as it is the weakest finger and will apply the least amount of friction on that thin and sensitive area. 


2. Retinol Cream: Retinol cream is known to help with many skin woes, but applied to your under eyes will help boost collagen production (always a plus in my book), even out discoloration and as a result, give an overall brighter and smoother look under your eyes. A word of caution though is to be careful when choosing a retinol cream making sure you pick a good quality brand and test it on a less sensitive area of your face first. Due to its strong properties, you want to make sure there are no adverse effects on your sensitive under-eye area first. In fact, if you have a good retinol cream that you recommend, please leave a comment below because, sadly, I have not found a favorite.


3. Sunscreen: Sunscreen in your skincare regime is of the utmost importance. By using sunscreen on a daily basis, you are limiting the possibility of not only sun damage, but also discoloration of your skin. If you already have dark circles then you do not want it to get any darker so use sunscreen and don’t forget the sunglasses!


4. Beauty Sleep: It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of good quality sleep. But be careful because too much sleep can also have the same effect. 


5. Vitamin C Cream: A vitamin C cream can definitely help brighten your skin especially under your eyes. I personally love this cream, as it does a fabulous job in brightening and giving a glowy finish.


6. Vitamin deficiencies: Speaking of vitamins, sometimes dark circles can be a sign of vitamin deficiency. Common vitamin deficiencies that can cause dark circles are  A, B12, C, E, K, and even Iron deficiencies. I’m not a nutritionist but that sounds like almost everything! It may be a good idea to have a daily smoothie with fruits and veggies with these specific vitamins. As a matter of fact, I will be doing this myself because I am slacking in the fruit and veggie department lately. It never hurts to get extra nutrients in your body.


7. Turmeric and buttermilk DIY mask:

To be honest, I’m not a fan of turmeric and its ability to stain every single thing I own. Granted that is probably more my fault then the turmerics, but one thing for sure is that mother nature always has something up her sleeve that crushes the beauty industry. Try equal parts turmeric and buttermilk formed into a paste and placed over your dark circles for 15 minutes. This will give off a yellow tint but will go away after washing your face. The yellow stain is a minuscule problem when the results are beautifully brightened under-eye circles.