Product Review: InstaNatural Age Defying & Skin Clearing serum

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InstaNatural Age Defying & Skin Clearing Serum

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Skin After 1st Use

Serum goes on smoothly (after cleansing) and you really don’t need much to cover your areas of focus. Doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling.


This serum is packed with ingredients great for your skin including: vitamin c (to brighten), salicylic acid (to help clear and manage breakouts), tea tree oil (to help soothe inflamed areas and to help with hyperpigmentation), and retinol (to help reduce the appearance of fine lines).



Product Rating

5. The set of photos are within 1 week of each other. The first week when the pictures were taken, I was going through a major breakout and even had little whiteheads forming. Consistently using this serum has qwelled those little breakouts and where I had breakouts isn’t as noticeable as it usually is (normally I have markings left for about 2 weeks after the original pimple is gone).

Would you try it again?

Yes, I plan to keep this as part of my beauty routine.

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