Secrets to Battling Puffy Eyes (Part 2)

Author: Lorrayne Sousa

I’ve been battling with puffy eyes, also known as eye bags, since my preteen years. I remember being extremely self-conscious and dreaded going to school every morning looking like I got into a fist fight – one that I didn’t win. Between the dark under eyes and puffy eye bags, eye bags were the worst because there was no hiding it. Since then I have tried every trick in the book to help reduce the puffiness. Some worked and some – not so much. Regardless, I have compiled a list of ways for you to combat your under eye bags. Take a look!

1. Elevated pillows:


GAME CHANGER. I naturally sleep on my belly, but once I was pregnant – well, I couldn’t really sleep on my belly anymore and sleeping on my side hurt my back. So out of desperation, I propped up two pillows to try sleeping on my back. Not only was I able to sleep soundly, but I also noticed that my eye bags were almost gone. A couple months later when I was back to sleeping on my stomach, the eye bags came back. Worse than ever! Yes, having a newborn was a HUGE factor for the dark circles and eye bags, but even today when I have a special event, the night before I try to sleep with my head propped up and I have noticed a difference in my face. This is because sleeping with your head and neck propped up helps drain all the fluids downward away from your eyes.

2. Appy a cold compress:
Just like icing a swollen ankle to reduce inflammation, you can do the same thing to your eye bags. I did this religiously by keeping a spoon in the freezer and gently holding it over the puffy areas. It definitely helped but was time consuming. You could also use cool cucumber slices for a more spa like approach or a bag of frozen peas which makes it easy to manipulate and form on your face. If you are in a rush splash cold water on your face instead of lukewarm water as that will also help reduce the puffiness.

3. Eye masks and eye creams:
If you have the means to purchase good quality and luxurious eye masks and eye creams, or even a good bargain find like this one, then these will also help combat the undereye bags, specifically, if there is caffeine in its ingredients list, as caffeine is a natural astringent and constricts blood vessels, it helps reduce the puffy look around your eyes.

4. Eye rollers:
When I was younger, I used the Garnier eye roller for my eye bags, did I notice a big difference, no I didn’t but I did find that it worked similarly to a cold compress. Especially if I kept the product in the fridge to keep cool. You can also try the jade stone massage roller which is really popular for facial massages at the moment. Facial massages? Yes, you heard that right! Keep reading, it’s one of my favorite tricks.

5. Black tea:
Just like caffeinated eye creams, black tea constricts blood vessels and helps puffiness disappear. You would apply this by first soaking black tea bags in hot water for a few seconds and then letting it cool down. Once cooled, apply directly to your undereye area for a few minutes. Contrary to its name, black tea is also helpful in getting rid of dark under eye circles and styes.


6. Facial massages:
This has been a recent discovery for me and also a game changer. A facial massage is the act of massaging your face with an oil or cream, by using your fingers in a tapping or circular motion. There are many articles and videos on the web that demonstrates how to do this at home.You could also see a professional or purchase a facial massage tool like the jade roller mentioned above if that’s more your thing, but by just using my fingers and gently tapping my under eye area and above my eyes with some oil or a hefty amount of eye cream, has helped drain the fluid that builds up when I don’t sleep on my back- which is a majority of the time.

7. High ponytail or bun:
Back in my preteen years when I had no way of purchasing the latest eye creams, I relied heavily on high ponytails and buns. This is because the tension of the tight pony helps lift the eye area. I still use this trick today, probably on a weekly basis as I do find pulling my hair back helps make me look less tired.


8. Distract with makeup and or accessories: Lastly when all else fails, distract others with a bold lip, fun earrings, hairstyle or a great outfit. That way other people will notice your colored lip or outfit instead of giving you the dreaded ‘You look tired today” comment. I also do this on a regular basis. Instead of drawing attention to my eyes with eye makeup, I draw attention to other areas.
With these tips, I hope you are able to de-puff your eyes in no time. Remember though that sometimes the under eye bags and puffiness are unpreventable and that’s ok. We are all human and we all deal with some type of baggage. So go out there and do not let the eye bags hinder you from doing what you want. Rock that high ponytail and smile with those red lips!

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