My Secrets to Prevent Puffy Eyes

The eyes are the most beautiful feature on a woman’s face. They pull you in and leave you breathless. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your eyes, both for vision and beauty.

Here are a few tips to prevent puffy eyes:


1. Limit Food (Especially Salt) Before Bed

This is my BIGGEST secret to prevent puffy eyes. If you only read one tip, READ THIS ONE:

Puffy eyes are caused by excessive fluid in the pockets of your eyes. When you consume salt, it makes the puffiness worse. Blinking is one of the ways our eyes move the fluid away from our under eye area.

When we’re sleeping, we’re not blinking! Thus, by eating at night and then going to bed, our eyes don’t have time to push the fluid away, and we wake up with puffy eyes!

2. Drink Water!! (At least 3 bottles a day)


Dehydrated skin and eyes are one of the MAIN causes of puffy eyes. (This is why a high salt diet may cause more puffy eyes). By drinking water, you are helping your body detox all of the liquid and get rid of puffy eyes.

3. Apply Something Cold Onto Your Eyes (cold cucumbers, ice, teabag, frozen spoon, etc.)

Applying any of these cold foods or items onto puffy eyes will start the fluid circulation process. Just remember to be gentle and to NOT pull on your skin when you’re doing this.

4. Limit Salt


As noted above, dehydration is a major cause of puffy eyes. Try to limit your salt intake and drink more water to make the puffy eyes look better.

5. Sleep on your back for a night

If you normally sleep on your side, the fluid build up in your eyes will not move as you sleep. Try sleeping on your back to let the fluid naturally move away from your eyes.

6. Use an Eye Cream

Eye creams are a great way to make sure your eyes are hydrated. There are some eye creams that are specially formulated to help with puffy eyes.

7. Gently Massage The Area


If you have an eye cream, apply a liberal amount to your eyes and gently massage the puffy under eye area. This will stimulate the area and encourage the fluid to move away from your eyes. Make sure to be gentle and use eye cream or oil.

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