How To Stop Eye Wrinkles

The wrinkles around our eyes show our age. That’s why it’s so important to take care of that area and pay key attention to it. Here are a few tips for preventing eye wrinkles:

1. Don’t sleep on your side  


When you sleep on your side at night, you are applying pressure to the skin around the eye area. With this pressure, you are forcing the skin to fold onto itself and create a wrinkle.

If you can’t sleep on your back, pick your pillowcase carefully. Cotton pillowcases do not leave much breathing room or mobility; causing ‘dragging’ as you tumble during REM sleep. The best suggestion to those who can not shake the side sleeping habits would be to purchase silk pillowcase.


Silk pillowcases allow less pulling around the eye area.

The smooth material of silk allows for your skin to slide verse being pulled with our traditional cotton pillowcases. 

You can find silk pillowcases on sites like, hair care companies and most home-goods stores. They range in prices to be affordable for any budget. Easy fix to get some better snooze in and a lot less wrinkles. 

2. Daily Eye Cream


Your eye cream is your daily friend and should be apart of any introductory skincare. Eye cream works best by using it both day and night. The reason we choose an eye cream over moisturize is to avoid things like mila bumps, irritation around the eyes and eye sensitivity. This has to do with the skin under our eyes being so thin. 

Due to the under eye area being thin, lack of blood flow or clogged lymph nods; eye creams are thicker and target those direct areas over your traditional moisturizers. 

When selecting an eye cream ask yourself a series of questions. First, we want to lead with our major concerns. What bothers you the most? Below is the six most talked about eye concerns:

  • Puffiness
  • Dark Circles
  • Fine Lines
  • Crows Feet (Heavy Expression lines)
  • Lack of Elasticity 
  • Dehydration 

If it’s something like Puffiness or Dark circles, this would come with selecting a great morning Vitamin C. The eye cream having some sort of cooling roller is an extra plus! Rollers help relieve drainage that causes the under eye to appear puffy. 

Other additional great questions to ask yourself would be:

  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need two different eye creams based on my concerns?
  • Am I allergic to any ingredients? 
  • What is my realistic skin-care routine look like?
  • What about the skin-care brand attracts me? This is a great question to make sure you find alike products and don’t find yourself swooned just by marketing. 

Most importantly, always make sure to read the directions carefully. Eye creams involving ingredients, like retinol, are designed to only be used at night. While some eye creams can only be used under the eyes, others can be used all over the orbital bone. The market is filled with different types and can handle every need.

3. Weekly Eye Masks 


I call ‘eye masks’ —  my personal trainers. Just like a personal trainer and going to the gym, my weekly eye masks help jump start my routine and show better results even quicker. 

Most eye masks are one-type use patches that address under eye concerns. However, you can find multiple types of masks that include, reusable or 360 creams. Often times these masks have stronger ingredients or a higher percentage of acids than your typical daily creams. 

My favorite little tip to share is wear your eye mask on a plane. Planes are notorious for soaking out hydration from our skin. This way, wherever you land, you will be prepped and bright under your eyes. They don’t make a bad little pick-me-up for right before major life events such as big parties and weddings. 

Get to it, mask it up! 

4. Wear Sunglasses 


Sunglass advice isn’t heard often but it’s crucial. Anti-aging prevention comes from more than the lovely cosmetic products we apply on our face. In fact, I am a firm believer that it’s all the little things that help aid in anti-aging. Your skincare is your bonus item to keep you youthful.

 As far as the need for sunglasses, well, it’s bright outside! We often find ourselves squinting when looking at the sun, driving or scanning for directions on a bright, sunny day. Squinting creates one of the top six aging fouls; hard expression lines. Squinting forces your body to recognize those muscle movements which leads to wear down of your skin, creating wrinkles.

But, sunglasses do more than just an anti-aging health factor. These cool fashion accessories for any outfit also protect your overall eye-health. It provides protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays while not putting so much strain on your eyes.

5. Be Gentle When You Remove Makeup

Be gentle to yourself always. Removing makeup and in life. When we focus on removing makeup, we want to use a great cleanser, that is also safe for around the eyes. Personally, I find that oil based cleansers do a better job with breaking down the makeup and dissolving off the skin. (If you are prone to breakouts, with certain oils, I’d recommend a double cleansing technique which we can chat about in a future blog). 

Make sure that not only the product you are using is gentle but that you use a gentle cotton cloth or cotton round to help remove your makeup. A nice quality cotton or microfiber towel  will allow you not to have to rub at your lashes, eye makeup or general face makeup. 

The best steps for yourself is to soak your makeup remover on the cloth, press down on your lashes gentle for 10 seconds and softly wipe away. Repeat these steps as necessary to completely breakdown and remove all makeup.

Always remember: Soft swipe to Wipe. No need to pull or rub! 

Eyes and hands are the first things to show signs of aging. The additional keys to your success is to get a good night’s sleep, stay stress free and drink lots of water. Aging happens to everyone but if I can help give pointers to age gracefully, I’d love to be able to chime in. 

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